It is as if you’ve been warped to a majestical world where rainbows and unicorns are the norm. That question of “is magic real?” seems more promising than ever before. A parallel universe that is full of mystical creatures is now within arms reach.
That is why we’re drawn to glowworms! Yes, gloworms enable you to question reality and whisk you to your childlike imagination. Perhaps that is why Ōkere Falls is full of people defining the normality of life in pursuit of that mystical dream of lifestyles and a thirst for living the dream. Perhaps the backbone for locals that love showing off their best backyard ever is the glowworms that line the Ōkere Falls scenic reserve.

During your escape, ensure you take 30 minutes to discover the magic. Tūtea viewing platform is only a five-minute walk from the carpark, and you are sure to be in an ore as you are surrounded by what can only be described as a scene from Avatar. The river comes alive at night with the bush-clad gorge lit with some of the most densely littered walls in the glowworm realm. Make sure you take the 5-minute stroll during your stay in Ōkere Falls.

PS: Perfect place to get a “yes” on a proposal 🙂