For a century, Lake Rotoiti and the Ōkere Awa have produced tales of 12 pound trout. Lake Rotoiti was the best performing lake for the 2019/20 trout fishing season. Rainbow and Brown trout are in abundance in the lake, and there is a variety of spots and styles of fishing that can be undertaken in the Ōkere Falls region, if you have a boat or not.

As the Ōkere Awa leaves Lake Rotoiti in search of the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of spots alongside the river for year-round fly fishing. I have seen many fishermen with half a dozen trout strung on a piece of Harakeke as they leave a secret spot alongside the river. If you’re fortunate to have a boat, then you have 32 square km to explore and find your own secret spot.

Fishing licenses can be purchased online or in one of many local stores in the area.