Ōkere Falls lies around the Western shores of Lake Rotoiti and the upper reaches of the Ōkere Awa.

During the summer months, the lakes become some of the warmest in the country with a long period of 22+ degrees water temperatures. This makes for endless swimming and Phat Bombs for days. There are plenty of spots around Ōkere Falls to master your bombs, backies, and Manu’s. Directly opposite the Ōkere Falls Store and Rotorua Rafting base lies the jetty that is perfect for those who are less confident or want a quick dip.

If you follow Troutpool Road to the end, you will come across the masterclass. A variety of cliffs present themselves for Insta worthy cliff jumps and legendary tree jumps that will leave you with tales of “How Brave You Were” that are sure to be amplified in the Beer Garden for post jump drinks.